DR. R. N. Patel

Dr. R. N. Patel is a Mr. Perfectionist with a mantra of “Never Settle For The Second Best” and he is a source of inspiration for others to do best.

He is always super charged and full of energy and when you are working with him you feel the same level of energy pumped into yourself.  He loves technology and always tries to adopt new things in his clinical practice and keeps himself updated about most recent information in dentistry.  It always amazes us how he finds such mind boggling innovative ideas and implements them in a fantastic manner.   He is a great open minded person and always welcoming new ideas and opinions from everyone. 

We consider ourselves fortunate to have started our career working with you. You have not only granted us an opportunity to work with you but also guided and encouraged us and made us strengthen our focus on all we ever wanted to achieve. Working with you has shown us what dedication, honor, respect, hard work and professionalism mean and what they can accomplish. Apart from the excellent communication, skillsm treatment planning & decision making and overall professionalism, the important thing we have learnt from you is how to be a good human being.

You are a person with a humble heart. We have always seen you helping people in various ways. No matter how bigger or smaller the problem is, you are always there to help people in an unforgettable way.

You have never been reluctant in giving us authority. Sometimes strict about work but always true on words. It felt amazing to work in such a positive environment where everyone’s opinion matters. It is an honor to have worked with highly motivating, truly inspiring and fabulous mentor like you. The knowledge & wisdom you have imparted to us have been a great help & support throughout our career. We believe our success is at least in part due to your sincere support and mentorship.

You are the coolest mentor we have ever seen. Thank you so much for everything, Sir….!!!

Collectively written by Dr. Akansha Kabalia and Dr. Nilam Rajani

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