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At Perfect Dental® our Root Canal Specialist use latest high end technology and provide excellent root canals without pain.

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We have gone a level up with  Latest High End Technology available for Root Canal Treatment.

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Root Canal Treatment

At Perfect Dental® our top most priority is that our patient should get painless treatment. We use advanced techniques and ultramodern high end equipment like NSK – Japan endomotor and apex locator and most of our patients say that they had a very pleasing experience and they did not feel any pain during root canal treatment.

The first step in the procedure is to take an X-ray to see the shape of the root canals and determine if there are any signs of infection in the surrounding bone. Your dentist or Endodontist will then use local anesthesia to numb the area near the tooth.

Root canal treatment is done in 3 stages:

Stage 1: involves removal of the dead nerve and the gross infection.

Stage 2: this involves further cleaning and shaping of the root canals.

Stage 3: this is the last stage in the completion of treatment which involves filling the canals with an inert filling material to form a hermetic seal.

In most cases, simple root canals require just one appointment lasting between 60 minutes to just over an hour. However in severe cases with infection, it  may demand 90 minutes or more, or even second and third appointment.

General dentists are skilled in performing root canal therapy and have the tools and training required for successfully completing most procedures. But there are some situations when even dentists who routinely perform root canals will refer their patients to a Root Canal Specialist.

A root canal treated tooth would last for a good 10-15 years but if they are crowned, it will increase their life.

 An extraction procedure is cheaper than a root canal. However, if you need an implant to fill the gap, or other follow-up procedures, it could cost you more in the long run.

One of the most popular alternatives to root canals is extraction or removal of the offending tooth and the replacement with a bridge, implant or partial denture. However saving a natural tooth with root canal treatment has many advantages and is far more superior treatment.

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Perfect Dental® is well versed with the latest advances in the field of endodontics and our root canal specialist in Jamnagar, uses the most advanced techniques and ultramodern equipment for carrying out the root canal procedures. The latest advances cutting edge technology provides precision in cutting and guides the way towards the root canal apex with Apex Locator while performing the procedure .We also provide Rotary RCT treatments which are performed with utmost ease, to ensure that your entire treatment experience becomes pleasant and pain free.

No matter how badly deformed your teeth are, we use the most versatile brand of products having superior properties and characteristics in order to restore your natural teeth and provide the most satisfying and desirable results .

Our specialist dentist, eliminate any sort of anxiety or discomfort, thereby making the entire Root Canal Treatment procedure pain and hassle free.

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