For NRI Patients

35% Of Our Patients Are NRIs From U.S.A., Africa And U.K.

Our prime focus is on delivering excellent quality dental treatment at a reasonable price. We have adopted advanced approach to dental treatment and providing Hi-Quality comprehensive multi-specialty, Team Based Dental Treatment of international standards for more than a decade

We always want to “Deliver The Best” and that’s what we are known for. We are fully equipped with the High End Technology available in the field of dentistry along with the Experienced Best Doctors and international standards in-line with those laid out for practicing dentistry in U.S.A. and U.K. which helps us in delivering world class dental treatment in Jamnagar – India. We have patients locally from Jamnagar as well as from across the globe.

We have a lot of patients coming from U.S.A., U.K. (Mainly London) and different parts of Africa each year and number of such patients is increases every year. These patients are mainly NRIs who have some or the other relative here in Jamnagar and in most cases we are recommended to these NRIs by their local relatives here in Jamnagar or in other case our NRI patients who previously got treatment from us, recommends us to their friends and family in their resident country.

We also have patients of foreign origin who come here in Jamnagar with a sole purpose of getting dental treatment, as dental treatment is very costly in their own country as compared to India and so the concept of dental tourism is gaining popularity day by day through which patients can receive dental treatments of same quality and standards from expert and experienced doctors. India is obviously a preferred dental tourism destination for their exclusive qualities like internationally acclaimed medical standards, superior services, best and latest infrastructure and equipment, skilled and compassionate dental surgeons and well trained paramedical staff.

Patient who visit Jamnagar – India as a part of dental tourism, in most cases such patients are coming to Jamnagar or even in India for the first time.We provide exclusive tailor-made services to all our overseas patients as they are unfamiliar with lifestyle, climate and food of India so if you don’t know anybody or anything here in India, don’t worry we are here to help you.

We offer travelers from all across the world, a unique and cost effective dental care plans that fits into their itinerary. In most cases patients have 2-3 weeks travel plan where they can enjoy their vacation by visiting many beautiful and excellent historical cities and places of India and simultaneously receive all kind of routine and specialized dental services as per their convenience. We deliver aesthetically and functionally best treatment every time at Perfect Dental® by meticulous team approach by Best Dentists in Jamnagar and The State of The Art Dental Center that ensures us spectacular and gratifying results time after time.

You can have several options at Perfect Dental® like hotel accommodation, food and convenient transport facilities. Our dedicated staff takes efforts to make your stay the most comfortable and satisfactory as per your expectations.

Our team at Perfect Dental® strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of Dental Treatment. Perfect Dental® in Jamnagar has one of the best infrastructures in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. We are always reluctant to adopt to the latest technologies, materials and techniques in the field of dentistry.

Highlights Of Our Dental Center For Our Patients Of Foreign Origin:

Advanced Dentistry

When it comes to advanced dentistry, there is no match to Perfect Dental® in Jamnagar. As mentioned earlier we have the best infrastructure in the region with most experienced doctors and international standards equivalent to those laid out for practicing dentistry in U.S.A. and U.K.
We have the most advanced and sophisticated equipment to give you what you need for your dental needs along with most advanced concepts in dentistry in the world.

Fixed Price Policy

We have a fixed rate policy and no double standards between NRI and local patients. Our doctors just put in the required treatment for the patient in software and the cost is determined by the software. There is no human interference in this process of determining the treatment cost and obviously the software does not discriminate among the class of patients or their financial status before telling the cost so be assured of reasonable and consistent treatment cost.

Get the Best Experience

Perfect Dental® (formerly Dr. R. N. Patel’s Dental Clinic) was found on 2nd March 2008 and has completed more than 15 years of excellence. We are a professionally managed dental center which gained popularity and trust over the years.

Best Sterilization

We have adopted a “FIVE STEPS STERILIZATION” protocol which insures that each and every instrument used in our clinic is thoroughly cleaned and 100% STERILIZED. Our management team gives a “GUARANTEE” to all the doctors working with Perfect Dental® as well as all the patients getting treatment at Perfect Dental® that each and every instrument reaching procedure area is 100% sterilized and sealed and protected in a sterilization pouch which can be opened in front of the patient to assure them the sterility of the instruments.

Support After Treatment

We don’t leave you in the middle, hanging. Once a patient of Perfect Dental®, you are a close member of our Perfect Dental® family. We will always help, advise and do anything that is necessary to keep you in best of oral and dental health. We keep all the records of our patient from starting point to completed dental treatment in digitized form and our doctors can pull out required information at any point to help patient in future.

Best Materials In Dentistry

We only use materials from reputed companies in dentistry like 3M, GC Fuji, Dentsply etc and most of these materials are from U.S.A. and Japanese companies. It’s a global world and we are using exactly the same materials what doctors in U.S.A. use.

Get A Celebrity Smile

We get a lot of satisfaction when our patients say that they have had a life changing experience after getting their treatment done. This gives us feeling of fulfillment that we did something that we started this for. With our robust research and team work we are committed to provide excellent results to each and every patient.

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