35 % of our patients are nRI

We Have A Private Treatment Area For Our Special Patients At No Additional Cost

VIP Treatment Area Is A Special Feature Of Our Dental Center To Offer Our VIP And NRI Patients A Privacy That They Need

We have a lot of VIP patients from Jamnagar and also a lot of NRI patients coming from U.S.A., U.K. and different parts of Africa each year and number of such patients is increases every year. All our patients who get treated in VIP treatment area are also provided with a privilege that they don’t have to wait in waiting area for a single minute (in most cases) and they get direct access to treatment area. As mentioned earlier, we constantly have number of such patients increasing every year and hence we are planning for a separate longue area for our VIP and NRI patients where they can relax before, during and after the treatment.

VIP treatment area is COMPLETELY FREE OF COST (No Additional Cost) complementary benefit provided by Perfect Dental® to our valued patients.  Whether you get treated in general treatment area or VIP treatment area, your treatment cost will remain the same. We have a fixed rate policy and no double standards between VIP, NRI and local patients. Our doctors just put in the required treatment for the patient in software and the cost is determined by the software. There is no human interference in this process of determining the treatment cost and obviously the software does not discriminate among the class of patients or their financial status before telling the cost so be assured of reasonable and consistent treatment cost while you get world class VIP treatment.

Have A Look At Our Specially Designed Private VIP Treatment Area For Our VIP Patients!!!

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