Impacted Tooth Removal Is Not Painful Any More

Our highly experience oral and maxilo-facial surgeons at Perfect Dental® in Jamnagar perform Impected Tooth Removal with utmost sensitivity and care

Impacted teeth are the teeth which either erupt partially or are completely blocked from erupting through the gums. These teeth may remain stuck in the gums or bone either due to overcrowding or due to resistance offered by surrounding structure or oral pathologies. Sometimes overcrowding leaves no room for the teeth to emerge, which may cause the teeth to become twisted, tilted, or displaced as they try to emerge out. Most commonly found impacted teeth are third molar teeth.

Impacted teeth, as such are often painless and generally do not cause problems. However, there are instances where an impacted tooth or teeth might exert pressure on to the roots of the adjacent teeth, causing a misaligned bite. A partially erupted tooth may trap food debris around it, which can result in pain and gum inflammation and can cause decay in the adjacent tooth. In order to keep unpleasant side effects of impacted teeth like pain, cyst, temporomandibular joint pain, decay, misaligned teeth, relapse of orthodontic treated cases at bay, a surgical intervention is often indicated.

We have highly skilled and experienced oral surgeons at Perfect Dental® who are best dental surgeons in Jamnagar and specialized in impacted teeth extraction. Surgical dis-impaction is one of the most feared dental procedures and sometimes it may look like a gruesome procedure, but our tooth extraction specialists do it with the utmost sensitivity and care in order to prevent injury to the surrounding structures. For the final diagnosis, CBCT scans may be required in order to prevent damage to the adjacent structure. All the dental extractions, irrespective of the tooth position are performed very gently and precisely under local anesthesia.

Perfect Dental® is known to incorporate latest technologies in all treatments and therefore we provide facility of incorporating dental lasers for surgical extraction of teeth for painless and blood free dental experience. To ensure our patients are pain free and comfortable throughout the process, we also provide option of conscious sedation and general anesthesia.

Sterilization and disinfection are paramount parameters in our clinic which ensure a safe and sound dental experience eliminating any chances of cross infection or contamination.

Following is a guide to what you should expect and what care or precautions you should take after a surgical procedure like Removal of Impacted Third Molar is done on you:

What You Should Expect

  • It is common to experience mild pain and/or swelling for approximately 3 days. If pain and/or swelling persist for more than 3 days, please contact us.
  • If you experience severe pain and/or swelling, contact us immediately.
  • Use ice pack or cold pack as directed for reducing swelling.
  • Small blood spots while spitting or minor bleeding for a day or two is common after oral surgeries. If there is a profuse (excessive) bleeding, please contact us immediately.
  • If the procedure was done under local anesthesia, you may feel numbness for 3-4 hours in certain parts of your mouth and face. If numbness persists for more than 12 hours, please contact us.
  • You may experience facial muscle soreness due to excessive opening of mouth. Contact us and we will determine if you need any medication for the same. Use warm towel pack or hot water bag to apply on area of muscle soreness only after 72 hours.
  • Practice opening and closing of mouth (unless advised otherwise) after 24 hours. It is essential to keep your facial muscle moving.
  • If you have been given sutures (stitches) you will have to come to our dental center after 7 days for its removal, unless advised otherwise.

What Care Or Precautions You Should Take

  • If you have been given the gauze dressing then keep the gauze dressing pressed with your opposing teeth or jaw for 1 hour.
  • It is essential to keep the gauze dressing pressed so do not speak or try to eat or drink anything for 1 hour till gauze dressing is in mouth.
  • Remove the gauze dressing exactly after 1 hour of its placement.
  • Do not go to sleep while gauze is in mouth.
  • Once you remove gauze dressing after 1 hour and if the bleeding has stopped, you can take 1 cup of ice cream (plain vanilla is preferable), juice or milkshake and take medication as directed to avoid pain after the anesthesia wears off.
  • Once you remove gauze dressing after 1 hour, if there is persistent profuse (excessive) bleeding, place a new gauze dressing and keep it pressed with your opposing teeth or jaw and contact us immediately.
  • Avoid hot food and drinks like very hot tea or coffee for first 24 hours and preferably 48 hours.
  • Eat soft and cold diet that does not require too much chewing.
  • Avoid crunchy foods like chips for 1 week.
  • Do not use straw for drinking any liquids for 48 hours.
  • Do not drink carbonated drinks for 1 week.
  • Use opposite side of your mouth for chewing and not the side from where tooth is removed at least for 48 hours.
  • If surgery was done on both sides of mouth or full mouth, for the first 48 hours take grinded food processed in a grinder so that you can swallow it without much chewing and start taking regular soft diet after 48 hours of surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco chewing strictly for first 48 hours.
  • Do not spit, rinse or gargle for first 24 hours after surgery.
  • If anesthesia was given in lower jaw then please avoid eating anything until the anesthesia wears off and the numbness is gone.
  • Do not brush or floss for the first 24 hours after surgery.
  • Continue gentle brushing and flossing twice daily only after 24 hours of procedure. Care should be taken to avoid rinsing forcefully after brushing. Good oral hygiene is a key to success of treatment.
  • Gently Rinse your mouth with water after every meal after 48 hours of surgery.
  • You should “lay low” for one to two weeks. Minimal activities with bed rest are recommended. Do not work out at the gym or play sports activities for at least 3 weeks.
  • The surgical sites will take a few weeks to completely heal up. However you should gradually return to normal function within one to two weeks.
  • If you have been prescribed any medication, take it regularly according to prescription and do not alter the schedule or duration of medication without consulting your dentist.
  • If you have been given sutures (stitches) care should be taken to not to pull them out while chewing and brushing.

Perfect Dental® is the best dental clinic in Jamnagar and our team of specialist doctors is highly skilled and experienced best dentists in Jamnagar. We have a highest success rate of 97%.

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