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Consultations For Dental Treatment At Perfect Dental® Jamnagar

We believe that a good diagnosis and treatment planning starts with a thorough and good examination. We spend a lot of time in examination of your oral cavity and collect detailed information of your current dental and oral status.

Who needs dental consultation?

Each and every patient who walks into our dental center for the first time.

What is the objective of consultation?

Make patient understand his/her own personal dental needs and available treatment options so that patient can make a best choice.

What do we do during consultation?

Initial Consultation

Most of our patients come to us with a specific dental need. They may have pain or swelling in gums, teeth or jaw, missing teeth, crooked or crowded, yellow stained teeth or maybe they just don’t like the way they smile and want to get a better smile designed.

We allow an hour for an unhurried, in depth discussion of all your dental needs. Often a cosmetic problem has a functional basis and we are dedicated not only providing you with a beautiful smile but at the same time healthy and pain free gums, teeth and Jaw and also freedom from painful jaw joints and chronic headaches if any.

There is a small charge for this first consultation and we usually are able to give the patient a broad picture of what is necessary to restore the mouth to maximum health, function and beauty.

Our first priority is always addressing your main problem.  Sometimes at this first visit it is necessary to take one or two small X-rays for which there would be a minimal charge in order to gain some insight into your specific problem.

If the patient has visited us for pain, we would of course deal with that immediately and try to provide instant relief.

Intra-oral Camera

During the initial consultation we use an advance Intra-Oral Camera to detect problems of the teeth and gums and take pictures of problem inside patient’s mouth and show it instantly to the patient. This enables the dentist to make and early diagnosis of any problem and patient also gets an idea of existing problem in his mouth and understand his/her own personal dental needs as never before.

Evaluation & Diagnosis

Study Model

We take a lot of photographs and may take impression to construct study modes of patient’s teeth which helps us in making a good treatment plan for our patient and patient will be able to see the projected result before any tooth is treated. The study models of patient’s teeth also serve as post treatment evaluation for us as well as patient.

Wax Moke Up

In some cases of aesthetic improvement, models are prepared and covered with tooth colored wax by our technician to produce an appearance that is very close to the finished result that we can achieve after constructing final crowns or veneers. This gives a chance to our patient to assess the final appearance of their teeth very accurately and do final adjustments before any actual work is done on them.

We quite deliberately avoid using computer generated images of the projected result in this practice because we believe that their use can lead to inaccurate assessment of how the patient’s mouth will look after treatment. Experience has taught us that diagnostic wax models produce a much more accurate representation.

After we have evaluated the models and X-rays we discuss our diagnosis and treatment plan fully. Only when you the patient fully understand and approve the treatment plan, we will schedule your first treatment appointment.


We are a professionally managed Dental Center with a team of very best dentists in Jamnagar. We always want to “Deliver The Dental Treatment Best” and that’s what we are known for and hence we take everything very seriously.

  • We always do thorough examination
  • Proper evaluation of treatment needs
  • Use multi-specialty approach and discuss with our panel of doctors
  • Form a best treatment plan according to patient’s individual needs
  • Discuss with patient about various treatment options available
  • Get patient’s approval for his/her chosen treatment plan
  • Schedule first treatment appointment

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Perfect Dental® is the best dental clinic in Jamnagar and our team of specialist doctors is highly skilled and experienced best dentists in Jamnagar. We have a highest success rate of 97%.

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