Dark or Blackish Gums Treatment At Perfect Dental®

We utilize latest techniques and cutting edge laser technology to improve color of your gums and make them look pink and healthy

Gingival de-pigmentation is a periodontal plastic surgical procedure, whereby the hyper-pigmentation is removed or reduced by various techniques.

Gum de-pigmentation, also known as gum bleaching is the cosmetic procedure to lighten and reduce the appearance of dark pigmentation or spots on the gums. This dark pigmentation is the result of increased production of a skin coloring pigment called melanin in the gums. It can also be caused by number of other reasons like smoking or consumption of certain medications for a prolonged period of time. Gum Darkening can create a contrast between the skin color of the face and color of your gums which in turn, can make anyone smile conscious. Dark gums can be intimidating and can bring embarrassment due to its unpleasing appearance. Dark gums can be unsightly and may falsely cause healthy gums to appear unhealthy. Luckily, at Perfect Dental® in Jamnagar, we have wide range of treatment modalities to correct gum darkening and pigmentation which can enhance your smile and infuse a new ray of self-confidence to smile your heart out.

Being pioneer in cosmetic dental procedures in Jamnagar, we know the importance of having those pink and spotless looking gums. Our team of eminent dental surgeons performs gum surgeries with utmost care to remove a thin outer layer of discolored or pigmented gum tissue, which on healing is replaced by a new tissue which is spotless and naturally pink.

Perfect Dental® is the best dental center in Jamnagar and provides various treatment options like painless gum depigmentation surgery and laser ablation to remove spots and pigmentation. Our laser dentist perform gum depigmentation procedures with lasers which are less traumatic, cause lesser bleeding and promote faster healing. Treatment with lasers is almost painless and the most convenient way towards achieving pink and healthier looking gums.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dark Gums and Their Answers

Why I have black gums?

Gum pigmentation or black gums are caused by melanin and melanin is a natural substance in our body that we find in freckles, sun spots, age spots. Unfortunately, some people have an overproduction of melanin in their gums. Black gums may also be caused by long term use of certain medications.

What color should gums be?

Healthy gums should be a relatively consistent shade of pink. They may appear slightly lighter around the teeth and darker around the sides of the mouth. One person’s gums may be naturally a little paler or darker than another’s.

What are the different procedures for gum depigmentation?

Depigmentation procedures such as scalpel surgery, gingivectomy with free gingival autografting, chemical agents such as 90% phenol and 95% alcohol, electrosurgery, cryosurgery, abrasion with diamond bur, semiconductor diode laser, YAG laser and CO2 laser have been employed for removal of melanin hyper pigmentation from gums.

How much does gum depigmentation cost?

The cost of the gum bleaching treatment can vary depending on the degree, depth and location/extent of the discoloration. However, in general it is a highly specialized treatment procedure, done by our expert dentists at Perfect Dental® in Jamnagar, and it is moderately expensive.

How long does the gum depigmentation treatment last?

Gum depigmentation treatment can last 20 years or up to a lifetime. However, other external factors causing gum hyper pigmentation must be removed such as long term use of certain medications, smoking etc for better lasting of post procedure results.

What is smoker’s melanosis?

Smoker’s melanosis in gums base. Smoker’s melanosis is seen with the naked eye as a brown to black pigmentation of the oral tissue i.e. the gums, cheeks or palate as well as in larynx. It is most often seen in the lower labial gingiva of tobacco users.

Are black gums unhealthy?

If a person’s gums have always been very dark, there is no cause for concern. If the gum color changes over a short period or if patches of black appear on the gums, it is probably not caused by melanin and may indicate a medical issue.

Perfect Dental® is the best dental clinic in Jamnagar and our team of specialist doctors is highly skilled and experienced best dentists in Jamnagar. We have a highest success rate of 97%.

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