We Have Years Of Experience In Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implant is the ideal choice of treatment for cases where all the teeth are missing

Complete absence of teeth certainly takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem. Dental implants fuse to the jaw bone upon their placement and thereby look and act like your own natural teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to replace these missing teeth in order to restore their structure and function.

It basically consists of placing 4 to 8 implants per jaw and rehabilitating with implant supported prosthesis. Full mouth implant is the alternative solution to the traditional full mouth ill-fitting dentures or bridges. Implant supported bridges and dentures are much more comfortable and better than the traditional ones as they do not slip or slide away. They are stable, strong and last for a very long time without causing any complications. Unlike ill-fitting dentures which impair your speech, full mouth implants enable you to speak properly. Moreover, there are no food restrictions which enable you to eat your favorite food without causing any sort of pain or hindrance. They fuse with the underlying bone thus keeping it intact and preventing bone loss.

Implant Supported Dentures

Many people feel that a traditional denture is the best option for replacing teeth. An implant supported prosthesis is a denture, which is both retained and supported by four or more dental implants. This means that the denture does not rest on the gums. Rather, it is fixed on implants, which are embedded in bone.

All-on-4® Implants

It’s a unique concept in which full mouth restoration is done on two tilted and two straight implants without any additional surgeries like sinus lifting or nerve repositioning. The difference, however, is that these implants are often used when you do not have enough bone in your jaw and so not possible with regular dental implants.

We at Perfect Dental® have a team of proficient and competent Implantologist, Oral Surgeon and Periodontologist who help to analyse and plan your implant placement procedure. We also have highly qualified Prosthodontist who help in fabrication of prosthesis which are placed above implants. Moreover, contraindications for implant placement like bone loss are also addressed and treated using bone augmentation procedures. Overall, the entire treatment from implant placement to cementation of prosthesis is carefully analysed and planned in order to make the entire implant procedure smooth and pleasant for you.

To make your surgery calm and anxiety free, we provide conscious sedation facility. We also provide laser to make surgery bloodless and accelerates healing. To prevent any chances of cross contamination and infection, we adhere to strict sterilization and high level disinfection protocols.

Advantages Of Having Dental Implants

  • Implants improve your overall appearance and prevent facial sagging and premature ageing.
  • Implants fuse to the jaw bone upon their placement and thereby look and act like your own natural teeth.
  • Unlike ill-fitting dentures which impair your speech, implants enable you to speak properly without lisping away.
  • Implants do not slide away like dentures and enable you to eat your favorite food without slipping away or causing any hindrance.
  • Unlike bridges, Implants save the adjacent teeth from grinding, as they do not need to be anchored to the neighboring teeth for support.
  • Implants prevent the bone loss beneath the missing teeth and keep the bone intact.
  • Owing to their stability, implants provide support to the single tooth as well as dental bridges and dentures also.
  • If missing last tooth, there is free end and it is impossible to make a fixed bridge without implant.

Factors Affecting Implant Costing:

Brand And Type Of Implant Placed By The Dentist

This plays a crucial role in reducing the failure rates of the implant. The best brands have exceptional durability in contrast to brands that are cheap with a significantly high failure rate. The type of abutment, the material of the artificial prosthesis employed also is an important factor.

Experience Of Dental Surgeon

Not so experienced dentists will cost you the minimum and may employ implant brands and placement techniques that might have a deteriorating effect. Therefore, always opt for highly efficient and well-experienced implant dentist for best results.

Number Of Implants To Be Placed

This depends on the number of missing teeth. Greater the number of missing teeth, higher the number of implants and therefore higher the overall cost.

Location Of The Implant Dentist

It is not practical to undergo a treatment in a country where you do not reside. This poses a problem only if you opt for a dentist who employs local implant brands which are not used by the good implant dentists. If you opt for a dentist who employs best implant brands employed worldwide, you could continue the post-operative services at the place you reside.

How will you choose a good Implant Dentist in Jamnagar?

With a plethora of Dental Clinics in Jamnagar, choosing a good implant dentist in Jamnagar becomes a cumbersome task. Visit a number of clinics if possible, before reaching a conclusion; or you could gather information about them through Internet. The foremost thing you are supposed to be looking for is that the dentist you are opting for is a licensed dentist. A team of effulgent and experienced dentists is another important factor. Before visiting the Implant Dentist; Prepare a set of questions after thorough research, select the clinic that uses latest upgraded technology, has skilled Implant Dentists, has Proficient Implant Prosthesis Specialist, go through the Google reviews of their dental clinic or hospital, uses the best implant brands along with being economical, and go through the reviews and testimonials of the patients who have undergone implant surgery at the Dental Hospital you are planning to opted for.

Five Reasons To Choose Perfect Dental® For Dental Implants

  1. We use world’s No.1 implant brand.
  2. Dental implant success rate >97.4 %.
  3. Dental implants at most affordable rates.
  4. Robotic guided implant surgery for precise painless placement.
  5. World-wide available implant brand, life time maintenance possible in home country.

Perfect Dental® in Jamnagar, keeps upgrading the dental center with the latest technologies. The first important factor for any dental procedure is the sterilization. We employ a stringent 5 step sterilization protocol that meets the ADA and CDC Guidelines. We are the only Dental Center in Jamnagar having specially designed patient operatories in order to prevent cross-contamination which is very crucial, especially in surgical procedures like Implant placement.

We have a team of licensed and experienced Oral Surgeon, Implant Surgeons and Implant Prosthesis Specialist for best treatment outcome. Moreover, the staff members employed at our dental setup are courteous and thoroughly trained by experienced doctors.

Perfect Dental® is the best dental clinic in Jamnagar and our team of specialist doctors is highly skilled and experienced best dentists in Jamnagar. We have a highest success rate of 97.4% in Dental Implant Placement.

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