We are Here To Help

We Care For The Society And We Are Always Ready To Help Those Who Are In A Real Need

Generosity is in the veins of Perfect Dental® and we want to help our community from bottom of our heart. We promise that not a single patient will go untreated if he or she is genuinely not affording the treatment

We believe that it is our social responsibility to help our community.  Our helping hand was and always will be there for individuals from weaker socio-economic background with dental treatment needs. In our practice of more than 14 years we have seen patients who are going through severe oral problems and are in a very bad need of dental treatment but are unable to get proper treatment due to their financial condition. We find people in a helpless situation and it includes all age groups from small children to old aged. We are determinant to provide such helpless individuals with world class treatment of international standards and hence we have special generous discounts for them and in some cases the basic treatment may be completely free if we feel that the patient is in “real” need and can’t effort cost.

At the same time we want to make sure that our help reaches to the right people and hence the patient must be able to prove that he or she is from economically weak backgrounds to qualify or simply our staff or doctors should feel that the patient is in real need for help and we will do treatment at concessional and super affordable cost.

Our treatment pricing is very affordable for everyone in Jamnagar and we have fixed rate policy and no double standards between patients. Our doctors just put in the required treatment for the patient in software and the cost is determined by the software. We put discount % in this same software and the software calculates effective treatment cost after discount. There is no human interference in this process of determining the treatment cost and obviously the software does not discriminate among the class of patients or their financial status before telling the cost.

As a part of community help we want to make our affordable treatment cost “Super Affordable” for needy patients and following are some criteria for getting discount on treatment cost:

  1. BPL card holders get 20% off
  2. Senior citizens (above the age of 60 years) with poor financial condition get 25% off
  3. BPL card holders age above 55 get 25% off
  4. BPL card holder’s children 12 or below get 25% off
  5. Pre-anesthetic evaluation of dental problems is free and if any treatment required 20% off upon letter from treating surgeon
  6. Our old patients can recommend someone from poor financial background for free checkup and 25% off on treatments (not more than 1 patient a month)
  7. Pregnant women get checkup free and 20% off on any treatment (Read more about importance of oral hygiene and disease free mouth for pregnant women in our Blog)
  8. Patients with any form of disability that prevents him/her from working efficiently get 30% off
  9. Patients with any form of debilitating illness or chronic disease or condition get 40% off
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