MYTH 1: Teeth cleaning weakens the teeth & gums and makes them lose

One of the most common myths is that the scaling weakens the teeth & gums and makes them loose. But this is not true, as scaling removes the elements deposited on teeth, which are responsible for gum disease. When these elements are removed from the teeth by scaling, one may feel the teeth to be weakened.
The teeth are already weakened due to the deposit of plaque and calculus. As a result, with time and increasing deposition, a gap develops between the teeth and gums, effectively destroying the attachment mechanism holding the teeth in place.
After scaling, these gaps get clean and hence one might get the feeling of slight tooth mobility. After a few days new gum attachments are formed thereby leading to firmer teeth and healthy gums.

Scaling or Cleaning by any means does not damage your teeth but ensures in strengthening them.

MYTH 2: Teeth cleaning makes the teeth sensitive

This is yet another common myth, which needs to be addressed. In gum disease, the gaps between the teeth get filled with calculus. When the calculus is removed, the tooth gets exposed to the oral environment, which may make it feel sensitive, but it goes away within few days.

MYTH 3: Teeth cleaning causes gaps between the teeth to increase

When the gum disease progresses the gap between the teeth gets filled with calculus. After the cleaning of teeth and gums, the harmful calculus is removed from the teeth and patients feel that the gaps between their teeth have increased but actually that gaps were formed and increased by more and more calculus deposition.

MYTH 4: Teeth cleaning is painful

It’s a painless procedure and the only sensation that one feels is the process of removing something off your teeth. Apart from that there is absolutely no pain felt. The discomfort felt during the process is bearable and you can go through it without the need for sedation or anesthesia. It is a simple cleaning and not an invasive procedure.

MYTH 5: Teeth cleaning causes removal of layer of enamel from teeth

Teeth cleaning does not have any detrimental effect to your teeth’s enamel. As it is only removes the plaque, calculus and extrinsic stains present over the teeth. It doesn’t remove layer of enamel from the teeth.
Now a days Scaling is done by ultra sonic scaler. The scaler tips, which employed in the removal of calculus are made of stainless steel and are not hard enough to penetrate enamel – which is the hardest substance in the human body. So it doesn’t remove enamel from the teeth.

MYTH 6: Teeth cleaning is teeth whitening

Teeth cleaning and polishing is a procedure that removes dental plaque, calculus and extrinsic stains that are present on the outer surface of the teeth. Whereas teeth whitening  is  a cosmetic dental procedure that lightens pigmentation or stains present within the teeth. In Teeth whitening, bleaching agent is used to whiten your teeth.

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